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Negative Much?

I've heard of being contrarian, and I've heard of being negative, but this takes the cake.

So they advocate that if things are going well, then things watch out, things are actually going poorly. When looking for good investment opportunities, look for bad signs. If the market looks great, then it looks bad. Orwell's Big Brother said it best in 1984:
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

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Liberal Catfight

2016-06-17_085258In an article ironically (albeit unwittingly so) headlined “Dogfight,” the Liberals’ Globe and Mail division wrote up a piece today on the fiasco created by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals and their Globe and Mail division, surrounding the replacement of our aging F-18 fighter jets.

Justin Trudeau proclaimed a Liberal government would launch an “open and transparent competition to replace the CF-18 fighter aircraft.”

Four sentences later:

“Lockheed-Martin … first won a competition 15 years ago to produce the next-generation Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) for allies such as the United States, Britain and Canada.”

And here we thought the Liberals and the left generally were against free market competition. Seems they now love free markets so much that they want to keep having ’em!  Oh hang on…

…there are now those in the Liberal Party who argue that a competition would be a waste of time and that the best solution is simply to buy another aircraft: the [F-18] Super Hornet.

Yeah so it’s back on. Well at least they’re not egregiously divided or having a massive catfight or anything like that, which would totes be worth writing about under a huge headline like “CATFIGHT: Party Divided, In Total Ruins” if the story was about Conservatives instead. 300px-Snowbirds-orig

Hey if only the Liberals’ state-owned CBC or their Canada Post division could make jets! Then the libs would all be in the same canoe. Oh crap. I hope Mulcair and his You’ve Got To Be Kidding Party didn’t read that because they would literally be on it. People like me making dumb jokes like that is exactly how they get their ideas! It was just a joke, Tom! No seriously. Tom.

As if to further mock the Trudeau Liberals and further betray the fact that this F-35 cancelation/ competition/ non-competition/ decision-y thing is nothing more than another cynical liberal-left pure politics play, the news team even found a juicy quote from a Boeing exec. This is the company that makes the F-18:

Her remarks weren’t intended for a domestic audience, but Boeing executive vice-president Leanne Caret threw cold water on her Canadian team when she recently signalled that her company’s defence division was moving away from fighter jets.

“If I told you that I am and want to be a market leader in the fighter business, you all would tell me that I’m an idiot,” she said in an interview published in Aviation Week. “Let’s be real clear: We lost JSF.”

Wow. That wasn’t helpful at all. The Globe and Mail is clearly not playing for the team today with this one, and may just need a big federal subsidy or something equally liberal to get them back on the reservation.

In frustration, Canada’s new Minister of Liberal Defense said they are giving up completely, and simply reverting back to the Snowbirds for Canada’s defense needs. “They’re quiet, they’re quite pretty, and they look sort of feminine in the sky which is very 2016!” said the Minister. “Plus they are utterly incapable of actually hurting ISIS or any other threat that comes along, which fits perfectly with our long term strategy of sunny ways and not offending the tender sensibilities of Islamist terrorists.”

When asked to help rescue this story, the Prime Minister of Liberal remarked (possibly hoping to end the catfight peacefully), “The root cause of any combat mission is to secure an enhanced, balanced approach to this year,  2016. Islamophobia is rampant, as is the gender gap and additional elements. Snowbirds can fly upside down as well as right side up, which is a balanced approach. Merci.”

Vote liberal.

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Alberta’s new socialist gov CAN’T raise the wage…until economy picks up. Huh?

And here we were told by the fact, evidence, and science-based economists of the Alberta NDP that if the government forces employers to raise the minimum wage to exactly $15 per hour, it will actually fix the economy, make it grow, create jobs, and whiten teeth, etc. So how could this be?


Actual quotes from the article, which, notwithstanding the hilarity, is written as a serious article:

…the government indicated the move would create more jobs and ensure workers in the province receive a living wage.

In an interview Wednesday, Notley said her government will examine the minimum wage issue as Alberta grapples with low oil prices and the economic downturn. …

… An internal government document prepared last June showed the province can’t currently evaluate the impact of its plan to hike Alberta’s minimum wage to $15 per hour and that “significant job loss” could be a “realistic possibility.” Prepared for Labour Minister Lori Sigurdson, the note was obtained by CFIB through a freedom of information request. …

Maybe if they raise the wage to $45 per hour, it will fix the Alberta economy. Well either that or resign and call an election.

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Ignorant? Or Just More Agenda-Driven Media re Guns?

This is the giant  –  GIANT  –  photo that the ever so objective and accurate journalists at CKWX News 1130 radio station in Vancouver chose for their online story. That’s not gun powder you’re smelling. It’s bullcrap.


Yeah exactly. The Conservatives never abolished the handgun registry at all. Never even tried. Never suggested anything whatsoever about the hand gun registry. Hand guns have utterly nothing to do with the story. Long guns? Sure. But not hand guns.

This appears to be is an effort to gin-up the story, because they think these hand guns look scarier than grandpa’s hunting rifle, which is what the story is actually about. They’re trying to drive an agenda, joining the rest of the Canada’s Left in obfuscating and deflecting the truth about guns and gun laws.

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Radio station tweets the word “CHRISTMAS”, remains on air, no riot, Muslims seem cool with it so far

We thought they were called “Festive Holiday Lights of Season Values!”
This tweet occurred this morning, in which we find a radio station blatantly uttering the word Christmas, to no apparent negative effect that we have heard about. (Of course we don’t monitor the CBC like we used to.)

ckwx - 2015-11-26_084320-closeup

Apparently Vancouver radio station CKWX News 1130 has not received the memo or any of the fascist directives from the PC police or any liberal-left think tanks. No claims of “this is exactly what ISIS wants us to do!!”

Or they did get them, but summarily tossed them in the garbage where they belong (and we hope they didn’t sort them into the correct recycling bin!). Which of course means we heartily endorse CKWX News1130 (for now… we reserve the right to rescind in the next hour if they tweet some left-wing bullshit).

LATE UPDATE: All staff are OK as far as we know. No reports of any planned pot smoke-ins or “peaceful protests” or boycotts by disaffected Muslims or atheists or any haughty sneers from CBC reporters or anchors claiming “racist!!” or the ironic “intolerant!!!!” label on them, that we know about.

So far.

Godspeed, you brave common sense normal Canadians manning the Twitter feed.  Merry Christmas CKWX! (Or have we now crossed a line?)

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CBC promotes “Dreamy Trudeau.” (Seriously). But don’t worry, they’re not biased.

There might be a million photos of Donald Trump. But when you as an employee of a news agency take the time to find and then settle on the photo below to attach to your latest sneering tweet about Donald Trump; for you as a “professional” to abandon any semblance of journalistic neutrality and choose instead to demonstrate your hate in as public a way as humanly possible… you could only have a job at the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC.


Apparently job security is not an issue for the clearly anti-Trump (etc) employees of the state-owned CBC. Any remaining pretense of neutrality is now apparently completely out the window thanks to their Liberal Party victory. It seems demonstrating their anti-conservative, pro-liberal bias is now more an editorial policy, if anything.

That journalistic malfeasance is from the news agency that avoids the use of the term “Islamic terrorist” because it might be seen as “taking sides,” and says “holidays” instead of “Christmas” to avoid “offending someone.”

Let’s compare that to how they carefully chose an ever so neutral picture of their true love, also from today. It has almost exactly the same editorial tone as the Trump one above:



I must be dreaming.  I have no words.

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MSNBC dubs popular majority-supported refugee bill “EXTREME,” of course

Despite Barack Obama threatening to veto it, 47 of Obama’s 188 fellow Democrats voted to support the refugee bill yesterday, no doubt because their constituents supported it. Along with the Republican congressmen, that means representatives of the vast majority of America supported it. That literally means the bill reflects a mainstream sentiment, and suggests the measures were not in any way considered “extreme.” Yet MSNBC still sees fit to shout “EXTREME” anyway. “HOUSE SETS EXTREME MEASURES FOR REFUGEES”


Clearly, logic dictates that what’s “extreme” then is the whacky notion that no additional refugee security measures need to be put in place in this day and age. That idea, and Obama and MSNBC and the like-minded, are the ones who are, by definition, adherents of “extreme measures”

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TODAY IN LYING HYPOCRITES: Hillary Clinton laughs off an allusion to violence against Carly Fiorina

The media’a hypocrisy is just as alive and well down south. If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, the media would be questioning her incessantly about this, for weeks on end, demanding she apologize for laughing it off and for not publicly denigrating the remark and the person – a man – who said it.

The left would be crying “War On Women!!!” and “HATERS!!!” …proving once again that the left simply lies about being “for women.” They hate Republican women. They’re utter hypocrites.

By the way, the audience of Hillary supporters at the event seem to love the hilarity of the remark too, as they laugh and cheer at it just as Hillary did.

See this article about it too: HAHAHA: Hillary Clinton Laughs Hysterically When Male Audience Member Says He Wants to “Strangle” Carly Fiorina ” | Katie Pavlich | Nov 10, 2015


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Socialist NDP HATES those state-owned monopolies – which they created

British Columbia has a state-owned and state-run car insurance monopoly, which is of course completely unnecessary, purely ideological, and universally hated  – by all sensible people except its creators, the socialist NDP (circa 1973).  Or… maybe by them too?

The reason it is hated starts largely with the fact that it utterly sucks, to use the proper economics terminology.

Sun_re_ICBC-2015-11-10_0758Today it was announced that “the corporation” (yeah, “the corporation”) was going to stop allowing monthly payments for insurance premiums to be paid by credit card (because you know, what business accepts credit cards these days?!). And yes, “corporation” is what a sycophantic liberal media like the Vancouver Sun calls a state-owned, state-run politbureau when they want to whitewash the socialism; and yes they also call Apple a corporation as if it is exactly the same kind of thing.

Anyway that announcement prompted Adrian Dix, the leader of the opposition socialist NDP, to say this, and we kid you not, this is an exact quote:

The change will be a major inconvenience to some customers, and is the kind of thing ICBC can get away with only because the Crown agency has a monopoly on basic insurance and drivers can’t take their business elsewhere, said NDP critic Adrian Dix.

“What they are doing is making things harder for their customers and clearly, given what they say the fees are, a lot of their customers were using this method of payment,” Dix said.

Of course the “they” that Dix refers to is his own party’s state-owned, state-run monopoly behemoth, which he calls a “Crown agency”perhaps because “state-owned and state-run” sounds too North Korean; and it is one which, according to himself, “makes things harder for customers.”

Karl_Marx_thought-bubble-no-competition!But if you’re waiting for the part where the Vancouver Sun reporter, Rob Shaw, laughed out loud and demanded in disbelief that the socialist leader revisit what the frick he just said about it being a government operation and there being no competition in the marketplace, you’ll be waiting a long time. No such questions were asked by the reporter. No remark about it whatsoever. Apparently it was all good. Perfectly acceptable.

Unbelievable. It should have been the feature part of the article. There should be a 2-page investigative analysis about the BS that is the NDP (and their own shoddy reporting, but yeah…).  This kind of reporting, this kind of intellectual dishonesty, and lying, and lying by omission, is why low-information Sun_re_ICBC-2015-11-10_075713voters vote for the NDP or Liberals, so why would the Left ever start to do things any differently?

While we’re on this left-wing politician/media cabal-fest, note how the liberal-left’s media division, like the socialist NDP itself, absolutely forbid the use of the proper terminology, which is “state-owned” and/or “state-run,” to describe the left-wing monstrosity in question. Aside from “corporation” and “Crown agency,” they also whitewash it with crap like “the public auto insurer.”

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The Anti-Harper CTV Fakes Out Its Readers

Oh yeah. To give Canada’s liberal-left voters still more fake ammunition to sneer at Stephen Harper, whom they clearly hate even more than conservative women. This nasty-ass spiking of the political ball knows no end.

While the liberals’ Globe and Mail division went with the reasonable “Harper accepts Liberal invitation to fly home on luxury jet“, their National Post division went with the wordy “Harper flew home in style: Thanks to Liberal offer, ex-PM was able to take government jet for return to Calgary“.  The fact is, as the headlines indicate, the Liberals extended an invitation to use the jet to fly home. Note the words “accept” and “Liberal offer.” (We’d have thought any former PM would be afforded that jet automatically, just to maintain the dignity of the office and for obvious CTV-Libs_ALLOW-Harper_to_use_jet-2015-11-09security needs.)

But their liberal-luvin’ CTV division just flat-out lied in their headline. “Liberals allow Stephen Harper to use Challenger jet to fly home“.

“Allow?” They “allowed” him to do that? So like Harper asked – or even better, he stomped his feet like a big Conservative loser baby and he demanded the use of the jet – and they thus “allowed” it against their will simply to placate him?


You can’t trust a media with an agenda.

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G&M Reporter on Trudeau: “Why…he’s just like Gandhi!”

Seen on the front page of the Globe and Mail web site:

G&M - Trudeau-Gandhi-(cropped)-2015-10-07

Yeah, disambiguation be damned. The Globe and Mail reporters/editorialists, and editors responsible for this junk journalism are justinunpluggedmore than happy to dupe the readers (whom they so respect!) and have them believe theMahatma_Gandhi supposedly “uncanny” comparison they speak of is between Justin Trudeau and the famous Gandhis that we all know from grade school – Indira Gandhi (it’s not); and the even more famous and much-revered Mahatma Gandhi (wrong again). And no, it’s not even Rajiv.

Oh! Sorry! Did you think we meant Mahatma Gandhi? OOPS! 

It’s actually about the “uncanny” comparison to a virtual unknown in most of non-East-Indian Canada – a Rahul Gandhi, who’s sole claim to fame is that he is related to Indira Gandhi, and who bears no familial relation whatsoever to the one they really wanted you to think of – Mahatma Gandhi.


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When “deplorable” = “superb”

This wordplay occurs in instances like when the Globe and Mail reports on Russia’s reaction to the Harper Conservatives’ military aid to Ukraine, which is designed to to help defend Ukraine militarily from the socialist Putin’s megalomaniacal annexation fetish.


Putin hates it, so it must be bang on.

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Clarion call to the left-wing media: smear Conservatives harder!


Even in the article in which the poll news was mentioned, the NatPo writer took immediate steps to discount it, and warned that this poll “may be an outlier.” Just this poll, mind you, not any other poll, like previous polls showing that Trudeau was ahead. Those polls weren’t outliers.

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Today in epic pro-abort stupidy

These tweets tweaked us this morning because we love the contrast between monumental dumbassery – and a curt, great response.

Oh the burn.


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National Post embarrasses themselves with their Trudeau fanboyism

Liberals at the National Post embarrassed themselves today, with a failed attempt to resurrect their man Justin Trudeau, whose lack of a coherent policy on, well, anything, has already more than proven his utter inadequacy for the job of prime minister – at least to the rest of us.

Watch as they try to make his hideous lack of policy a “plus.”


Text reads:

Justin Trudeau’s lack of economic plan starts to look prudent in light of uncertain economy
Michael Den Tandt: The oil crash lets the Liberal leader watch and wait before committing himself to any remedies, while opponents have already shown their hands

Oh dear God.

Governments have to have a plan. Having a plan isn’t some sort of an election ruse or a calculated ploy to fool the electorate or steal an election. Imagine what the media would say if the Harper government had no plan, exactly as Trudeau doesn’t.

And yes, governments have to make plans even though situations change, as they always do, and governments have to roll with the changes, as this one will.

Sham party leaders who pretend they have what it takes to be the leader of the nation should also have a plan, and should adapt their plan to changing situations, to prove they have the mettle. Trudeau has never had one, doesn’t have one now, and doesn’t even plan on announcing one. This, however, the National Post and its Michael Den Tandt, finds attractive.

This is lunacy.

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Oh look! The liberal media are being complete idiots again!

Some days, the liberals’ mainstream news media division provides us with more than reports of the current events of the day. They provide glimpses of just how callow and idiotic they are.

Take today as an example. Today, at least two Canadian – Canadian, mind you – liberal mainstream news outlets, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, saw fit to feature, on their websites’ front page, a headline of a big, big news story critical of something someone said on Fox News Channel. You know, because all Canadians are liberals, and all collectively agree that Fox News Channel is such a total joke and everything, and when something is said on their air which is dumb, you know, as usual, this is big, big national news. In Canada. Where, if we understand correctly, Fox News Channel is utterly irrelevant.


Fox News viewers such as, oh, most of America (FNC is by far the leading news channel by viewership, sometimes doubling the viewership of CNN and MSNBC combined and making an embarrassing joke of Canadian news outlets’ viewership numbers), would likely be quick to read the article, that is if they’d ever even heard of the Globe and Mail or Toronto Star, wondering who at Fox would say something that was so crazy that it was this newsworthy – in Canada. Was it Bill O’Reilly? Sean Hannity? Or maybe one of their hard news people like Shepard Smith, Bret Baier, or Megyn Kelly?

No. None of the above. It was Steven Emerson. Yeah.  Who?  Steven Emerson. Yeah I know. I’ve also never heard of him. You’ve never heard of him. That’s because he’s not really with Fox News at all. He was just another talking-head panel guest pontificating on another Fox News show – one of perhaps 300 talking-heads the Fox News Channel has on their air every day, which they garner from all corners of the political, geographical, and intellectual spectrum. No different than the other talking-heads they get, like the common Canadian socialist, who regularly say the damndest – the stupidest – things you’ve ever heard, totally embarrassing Canada.

Liberals always speak as though everyone in the room agrees with them. But this practice, more often than not, backfires on them, and they end up making total fools of themselves. As they did at the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star today. And as small as it is, that’s actually the bigger headline. But their ardent studies in investigative journalism aside, they’re too myopic – too dumb – to even look for their own reflection in the mirror.

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In case you missed it: The liberals’ multi-cult: FAIL

Every paragraph in this Gavin McInnes Takimag column is bon. But this one is particularly bonnie.

Our tolerance and love for multiculturalism may have been a good idea at one time, but it’s totally jumped the shark. Today, Western culture is about fostering hatred—toward Western culture. That’s dangerous.

It’s about more than the now demonstrably failed multicultural fetish, which despite its dismal failure, is still nurtured by dumb western liberals today. It’s also about the resulting idiocy which is now endemic – systemic – in our own culture.

Liberals are stinking up the place. But we can’t move because there’s no place to move to anymore.

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Harper: the “international jihadist movement” has declared war on Canada and its allies

While beclowned Liberal Justin Trudeau studies the “root causes” of the Paris Islamist terrorist attack, and how those terrorists became so sad and “excluded,” and frets about how Prime Minister Harper is “promoting Islamophobia,” Harper says his government plans to bring in new legislation to give security agencies more powers to help prevent terrorist attacks.

…We are looking at additional powers to make sure that our security agencies have the range of tools available to them to identify potential terror threats and to … [undertake] detentions and arrests and other actions where necessary…

Trudeau believes “engaging” Muslims – with friendship and chats over tea and buns – is the answer. The tea and bun set has, of course, been wrong for decades. Over those decades, they still haven’t figured out the “root causes” of the Islamo-fascist. This is exactly as the Islamo-fascists had hoped.

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Today in Wild Rose Country: Wild.

We always liked Alberta’s Wildrose Party. Conservative, cheeky, independent, smart (well, a couple of real duds, but hey, look at the Libs or NDP anywhere in Canada which is replete with them). So it is a little sad that they seem to be melting into the Progressive (ugh) Conservative pot.

Alberta PCs meet as Wildrose’s fate hangs in the balance: Danielle Smith reportedly pushing for a cabinet seat

EDMONTON – One by one, cryptic and secretive Progressive Conservative MLAs filed into Edmonton’s Government House Wednesday for a meeting that could profoundly change Alberta’s political culture for a generation.

Heads down as they moved through a horde of frozen reporters, every Progressive Conservative sang from the same songbook, declining to comment on the rumoured collapse of Alberta’s official opposition Wildrose and the unprecedented consolidation of power in an almighty Tory juggernaut. …

Who really knows what will happen? There are several fun possibilities here: (1) Wilrose becomes even stronger with a new leader, and laughs all the way to the win in the next election. (2) Danielle Smith wins the hearts of the PCs and leads an eventual takeover, then wins. (3) Wildrose dies this week. (4) Something far less exciting.

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Sun News Network to be sold? Said to be in talks with TV mogul

According to reporting by the liberals’ Globe and Mail division, media entrepreneur Moses Znaimer is said to be in talk to buy Sun TV from Quebecor.

Media mogul Moses Znaimer in talks to buy Sun News Network

The G&M was quick to point out, possibly quite gleefully but definitely with some level of snark, that “the price of the purchase would be low.”

Znaimer created CITY TV, and currently owns ZoomerMedia, which owns a stable of stations, some of which are Christian or religious based, like HopeTV and VisionTV, but it also owns One: Body, Mind and Spirit, and JoyTV, as well as the Classical 96.3 FM radio station, and other media assets.

No word on whether he would continue the fresh niche that Sun News alone enjoys, wherein they tolerate conservative viewpoints and thinking, and openly allow conservatives to say things  live on air, without snickering or rolling their eyes or haranguing them; and where they don’t hesitate to take on liberal and other leftist totems like the state-owned CBC, and Liberal Party leaders.

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Lib media reports a new lib enviro report. Calls for taxes. Shocka.

First the liberals’ Globe and Mail division parrots a line in a politically-charged group’s report, in their headline, calling for a new national tax on top of provincial taxes, which the report authors also call for.

B.C. carbon tax an effective model for national climate change approach: report

This yummy new tax that they clearly espouse, is necessary according to “report” – a word which liberal media often add to their headlines to imbibe an air of authority and hopefully cause a giant tingle up our legs; and hope that it makes us respect their opinion – their agenda – more.

We don’t.

But then they report that the “report” was written by the political left-wing enviro-industry activist group, the David Suzuki Foundation. Credibility: laughed away.

And we’re off to the next agenda-driven “news” story.

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Hey does that Kool-Aid taste, Preston Manning?

Kool-Aid, the capitalist idea which generations of children were weaned on (and who then turned out just fine), has proven to be quite a “sustainable” elixir. They still sell it today, and even the adults – well some of them – are still tossing it back. Too bad it, like capitalism itself, has gotten such a bad rap as a result of what we derisively call “Kool-Aid drinkers,” today. Because both are good ideas.

Peter Foster: Preston Manning’s carbon con job

It sounds so simple. “We” need a fiscal system that produces more of what we want – good, clean jobs — and less of what we don’t want, which is “pollution.” Let’s call it an “ecofiscal” approach. Since CO2 emissions are clearly threatening the planet, we need a carbon tax. But since taxes have such a bad name, why not change the name to a carbon “levy”? That’ll fool ‘em. This levy will provide the spur to – What should we call it? a Green Shift? Maybe not. But anyway to an undoubtedly brighter, more moral future of “restrained appetites.”

Such is the proposal being peddled by former Reform party leader Preston Manning. Mr. Manning, who heads the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, is also an advisor to the new, self-appointed Canadian Ecofiscal Commission, which aspires – like a cloister full of medieval scholastics – to set a “just price” for industrial emissions and thus fine tune a woefully inadequate market(ish) economy. …

…CO2 is not a ‘pollutant,’ except to those who have drunk of the catastrophic climate Koolaid …

Don’t worry, there are left-wing movements all over the place trying to ban the likes of Kool-Aid too. For example, in New York City.


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NDP mired in NDP employee-gate

NDP-GATEAmong the more remarkable bits of this story is how the liberal media is barely covering it, if they’re covering it at all.

NDP accused of trying to stifle conflicts as two more staffers file lawsuits

Two former NDP staffers say they were wrongfully dismissed and allege the party tried to silence their complaints.

…And the coverage betrays the usual display of biased reporting. If it were happening in the Conservative Party, there would be wall-to-wall front page coverage, and tons of anti-Conservative innuendo, and sneering mockery; and of course copious examples of ever-so-earnest media shock and outrage, and the constant demands for exacting answers to a thousand pointed questions.

Also see:

NDP accused of trying to silence harassment claims, two more staffers say they were unfairly dismissed

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CBC’s left hand doesn’t know what its further left hand is doing

Hey CBC, are you a house divided, and on a downward death spiral? Are you falling apart at the seams due to your own ineptitude and disfunction? Are your internal battles not sure to split you into two or more disparate factions which will fight ugly battles? Because if what’s happening at the CBC, these days, were happening at the Conservative Party of Canada, you KNOW that’s what you’d be saying about it.

And THEN you’d announce an 8-part investigative series on the Passionate Eye, and Mansbridge would talk ever-so calmly about the dearth of common sense and even a modicum of control over there for at least a week and a half.

CBC overrules editor’s decision to bar Linden MacIntyre for comparing Mansbridge to Ghomeshi

Linden MacIntyre has not been barred from appearing on CBC News Network this week despite an internal public broadcaster memo to the contrary.

Jennifer Harwood, managing editor of CBC News Network, sent a memo late Wednesday stating that any interviews with MacIntyre on the network this week have been cancelled.

The memo said the move came about because of MacIntyre’s recent comments to the Globe and Mail comparing the workplace behaviour of Peter Mansbridge to that of ousted “Q” host Jian Ghomeshi. …


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Fruity and effete – today’s NDP

The NDP has a contest to decide their next bumper stickers: Here’s two contenders. Let’s call them Fruity and Effete. By which we mean both the stickers and the NDP today.


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Alberta and Saskatchewan the new cool spots for young workers

Alberta has long been a hotspot for jobs, but It wasn’t that long ago that Saskatchewan was a place most people left – to find work – rather than a place people move to from all over Canada and the world to get good jobs. Things sure have changed there.

Alberta and Saskatchewan offer more opportunity for young Canadians than Ontario and Quebec

CALGARY—Alberta and Saskatchewan offer the most opportunity for young Canadians while Ontario and Quebec mimic the economic malaise of Atlantic Canada, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

“Western Canada is the land of opportunity while Ontario and Quebec, the two most populous provinces, now resemble Atlantic Canada with its gloomy economic outlook and relatively poor prospects for young people,” said Mark Milke, study author and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute.

The study, Go West, Young Adults: The 10-Year Western Boom in Investment, Jobs and Incomes, compares all 10 provinces based on several economic indicators including employment rates, income levels, private sector investment and population patterns to determine the levels of opportunity (including employment and the prospects for at least a middle-class income) for young adults. …

Now if that “man-made global warming” ever kicks in, the climate will be nicer there too!

Meanwhile… here’s how liberals think (and fail):

Ontario, Quebec to craft united stand on Energy East pipeline project

Maybe Alberta and Saskatchewan should ban cars made in Ontario and planes made in Quebec, you know, on account of the pollution and greenhouse gasses they emit in amounts multitudes higher than any oil and gas drilling.

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