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Merry Holidays! Let’s decorate!


Home Depot seems to think “Holidays” happen at the Home Depot warehouse. We’re dubious. We’ve never taken a holiday there.  Oh and also, nobody decorates with “holiday lighting” for “holidays.”  They might hang Christmas lights for Christmas, but they don’t hang “holiday lighting” for “holidays.”

We go through this every year with Home Depot. They throw a monkey wrench at Christmas and use the tortured “holiday” in its place, sometimes at great effort. And as always, we’re not sure of it’s because they hate Christians, Canada, or simply reality.

The Hudson’s Bay is the same. It’s “Holidays” over there at the Bay, where they bend over backward to avoid the word Christmas. We don’t recall seeing a “Holiday Decor” sales event during the summer holidays.

The Source electrified us with Christmas, with the tagline “I want that for Christmas” – not “I want that for ‘the Holidays’.”


Target is on target for atheists and anti-Canadians, we guess, since they use every word except Christmas. But we love it when they’re selling Christmas trees (fake, of course) and are forced to call it a “Christmas tree” – even though we’ve seen them described as “holiday trees.”


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