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Globe and Stupidity

Here’s the actual headline:


Don’t blame Canada for home-grown terror. Blame the terrorists

You can guess what our next thought was (including the swear words).

CBC to do a 5-part Passionate Eye on themselves and their sex nuts

It seems the state-owned CBC actually viewed some videos, featuring the vile CBC’s even more vile Jian Ghomeshi, engaging in bondage or sadistic sex or whacking and choking women for sexual pleasure or whatever freakish thing he does. Also, two women have actually come forward, to police, and reported the weirdo and the damage he allegedly did to them.

Toronto police launch investigation into Jian Ghomeshi allegations

Jian Ghomeshi showed CBC executives video that depicted him engaged in bondage, beating, sources tell the Star.

Jane Taber’s Hideous Gaffe Day

A funny thing happened… no let me start again. An absolutely hilarious thing happened to another airy liberal media professional today, this time it’s Jane Tabor of liberalvision CTV, on her way to another day of professional liberal media reporting and liberal advocacy and liberal political correctness. Possibly not so funny for the woman at front right, Catherine McKenney.

Let’s spare a moment to imagine the liberal PC outrage industry’s reaction to that tweet if it were made by, oh, say, any conservative at all whatsoever.

Baseless union employee lawsuit against CBC day

Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 10:56 am 0 Comments NQ-Aguafina-small

The insufferable bore Jian Ghomeshi is just another public-sector union member. (We’ll spare you yet another of what the liberal media apparently thinks is a mandatory accompanying glam shot photo of His High LIberal Boreness – the huger the better, apparently). The CBC state laborers’ union, or whatever their union is called, protects him and his employment as a state-entertainer hired for our official state amusement purposes. But the way the law works, union members cannot directly sue their employer, as Ghomeshi has comedically done. As this G&M article explains, and as this BNN interview explains, it will not even be entertained by the courts.

ADDENDUM: While writing this, we had no idea a giant photo of the Giant Left-Wing Bore would appear on the video still. Our apologies.

In direct relation to the above Quip, we present this tweet from yesterday:


NewsQuips for The Government.Tuesday October 28, 2014 at 10:37 am 0 Comments

The state-owned Karl_Marx-color-smallCBC has very excitedly announced today that it has won the bidding war for the 2018 and 202 Goverment Games. They waged this big-multi-million-dollar bidding war using our tax dollars, against their foe – private citizens and their broadcasting companies, so that they, the state-owned CBC, could earn revenue instead of allowing their foes – the private citizen-owned broadcasters – to earn those revenues. And because they think that only they – the state-owned media – could possibly broadcast some sports. The only thing that could make this whole hideous government-controlled behemoth more socialist – is if all the athletes were being subsidized by governments. Oh hang on.
NewsQuips for CBC bondage day MondayTorStar-2014-10-27_072300Wow look at that! Front page, right under the election news. Those Toronto libs LOVE their CBC division, and when something goes wrong there, it’s big-ass news. The story’s the same at their National Post and Globe and Mail divisions. But not on the Edmonton Journal’s front page. Not on the Winnipeg Free Press’s front page.

It may be huge news in Toronto, where so many liberals just luv the state-owned CBC and all of its state entertainers (or maybe the libs just luv the bondage sex and dominance/submission sex and the sadochism/masochism sex and the stuff with whips and dog collars, and wut not), but in Vancouver and most other places, where nobody even knows who he is, the news was a small item on page 10. A total non-story. As one alleged near-victim calls him in a story about his smarmy dating moves, he’s barely “a C-list celebrity.” So this is really a story about how out of touch the Toronto-centric media is.

Carol Costello did not apologize, or resign, today. Many had expected her to. A Washington Post writer suggested it’s her only out. And yet, nothing.NewsQuips is NOT on the “she must apologize” bus. Oh she should be utterly ashamed of herself, without question. She should probably resign. But nobody can force somebody to feel apologetic. Nobody should be forced to say something they aren’t thinking or feeling. That’s fascist. Costello obviously couldn’t give a rat’s ass that she made a massive gaffe, and massively insulted and disrespected the Palins, and betrayed her hideous hypocrisy and double standards. She’s despicable, and that’s why she hasn’t apologized. And CNN is equally culpable, here.