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National Post embarrasses themselves with their Trudeau fanboyism

Liberals at the National Post embarrassed themselves today, with a failed attempt to resurrect their man Justin Trudeau, whose lack of a coherent policy on, well, anything, has already more than proven his utter inadequacy for the job of prime minister – at least to the rest of us.

Watch as they try to make his hideous lack of policy a “plus.”


Text reads:

Justin Trudeau’s lack of economic plan starts to look prudent in light of uncertain economy
Michael Den Tandt: The oil crash lets the Liberal leader watch and wait before committing himself to any remedies, while opponents have already shown their hands

Oh dear God.

Governments have to have a plan. Having a plan isn’t some sort of an election ruse or a calculated ploy to fool the electorate or steal an election. Imagine what the media would say if the Harper government had no plan, exactly as Trudeau doesn’t.

And yes, governments have to make plans even though situations change, as they always do, and governments have to roll with the changes, as this one will.

Sham party leaders who pretend they have what it takes to be the leader of the nation should also have a plan, and should adapt their plan to changing situations, to prove they have the mettle. Trudeau has never had one, doesn’t have one now, and doesn’t even plan on announcing one. This, however, the National Post and its Michael Den Tandt, finds attractive.

This is lunacy.

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