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David Akin [Facebook]

In 1989, The Supreme Court of Canada decided essentially upheld a lower court ruling that sided with John Turner’s Liberals in a dispute with CBC and CTV.
The Liberals had created an attack ad against Brian Mulroney’s PCs using footage from the election debates. CBC and CTV claimed copyright on the footage from those debates and wanted the Liberals not to use what they said was their material in the attack ads.
The Liberals went ahead with the ad containing the footage anyway.
CBC and CTV said, fine, they weren’t going to air the ads.
The Liberals sued. CBC and CTV lost in court; lost at the Supreme Court and were forced to run the ads.
Notably, CTV’s lawyer argued at the time that the decision could create a “chill” where broadcasters would be reluctant to broadcast future debates. Clearly, there has been no such chill.

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