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Canadian Tire says CHRISTMAS right.

Some stores seem to be run by grinches, or atheists, or something, and do everything they can to rename Christmas into “the holidays” or “the festive season” or the “happy tree festival.”

That’s why we’re glad to see some folks who appreciate our actual Canadian heritage and values, and call it Christmas.

Canadian_Tire-2014-11-07_171918On the naughty list so far: Lowes, which sends out its first Christmas flyer of the year with the banner “HoliDIY Season” – geddit? Holiday plus Do-It-Yourself.  Hey here’s an idea: how about  just “Christmas Season,” which, yeah, has really nothing whatsoever to do with do-it-yourself projects, but, you know, is what’s actually occurring here. Or is this really the “do-it-yourself” season of festive chores and not-so joyous laboring?



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