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Charles C.W. Cooke: Another Brazen Lie from the anti-gun group “Moms Demand Action”

Since we’re shooting holes in the left’s blatant lies being tossed around today, let’s go with this one too. (And yeah, the second Charles C.W. Cooke article we’ve referenced this week. The man’s on a roll.):

Another Brazen Lie from Moms Demand Action

On the outfit’s Facebook page, the image is furnished with a caption:

Dmitry Smirnov was prohibited from purchasing firearms because he wasn’t a U.S. citizen. But he was able to buy a handgun from a stranger online at with no questions asked. Less than two weeks later, Smirnov traveled to Chicago and murdered his ex-girlfriend, who he had been stalking. He shot her a dozen times

This is astoundingly, willfully, egregiously dishonest. Every single thing that Dmitry Smirnov did was already flatly illegal. He didn’t utilize any “loopholes”; he didn’t benefit from any ambiguities or exceptions in the law; he wasn’t freed up by a lack of “common sense” prohibitions. He just broke the existing rules.

Let’s go through this methodically:

…And he does. Meticulously.

This is the penultimate paragraph:

The bottom line: The law did not “fail Jitka Vesel.” Once again: Smirnov came into no contact with “loopholes in our law”; he just broke the existing rules. To suggest otherwise is deceitful in the extreme.

We enjoyed this tweet, too:

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