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Chatelaine magazine is mocking itself with this spoof article on Trudeau, right?

No. This is how liberals think. They think everybody in the room agrees with them. That’s why they’re emboldened enough to tease their hideously idiotic puff-piece on Justin Trudeau with this liberal-leftist pro-abortion anti-woman bromide: “He’s pro-choice.” That’s supposed to be a universally-recognized “plus!” (And yet “family first”  – seems a tad incongruous). And headline it with “Is Justin Trudeau the candidate women have been waiting for?”

Dear God.


At least one columnist is not taking this bullcrap journalism sitting down. The fairly scathing column is headlined “Fluffy Justin Trudeau feature is an insult to serious women voters in Canada” and ends, “…it would also appear Trudeau fails to appreciate that women care about foreign policy, the economy, immigration, energy and good governance just like men — not pretty pictures splashed all over the pages of Chatelaine. I’m embarrassed for many Canadian women, and for Mr. Trudeau.” Written by Robyn Urback who is a woman who apparently engaged by, nor waiting for, Justin Trudeau – or at least isn’t any longer.

Urback tweeted this out as well:

Favorite columnist/blogger/tweeter JJ McCullough tweeted these gems:


Another Justin – one with brains – said this:


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  • Bobd06

    These fluff pieces will do him in.
    “Just passing through” will become “I’m not ready now – if ever”
    Let’s see more of this MSM fluffing!!
    And they insult the demo he is after – women. He and his handlers obviously think women don’t have a clue on the economy, taxes, as what men do. I mean why would he demand all candidates be pro-abortion? Because he thinks women cannot make a choice for themselves.