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Clearly, our taxes are too high. 

Ottawa on track for $71-billion in surpluses over six years, TD finds

Bypass the middle man and read the TD’s actual report (PDF) here, if you like.

It’s a pretty big deal, since the economy has been all over the news, world-wide, since the recession started in 2007, and generally speaking the economy matters, right?

Well we couldn’t find the story about the big TD surplus report at liberalvision CTV. Or at the liberals’ the Toronto Star division.  Or at any of Postmedia’s liberal newspapers including the National Post or the Vancouver Sun. Or at the state-owned CBC. 

They all chose to not report on that story. To not inform you about it.

Is it any wonder the Liberals and NDP poll as they do, when the liberals’ media division refuse to publish reports on the Conservative government’s successes? 

This is shameful liberal-left media bias. It’s a media with an agenda. And you can’t trust a media with a left-wing agenda.

Wall Street Journal is covering it.
Canada May Be Headed for an Earlier-than-Expected Fiscal Surplus

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