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CTV’s “The Social” – worst show on Canadian TV (excluding all CBC shows)? Yes.

Is CTV’s “The Social” Canada’s worst, dumbest show (excluding all CBC shows)? Yes we’re afraid so. It just might be.

It’s called “The Social,” but as you might have expected, it views like “The Socialists.” And the audience is apparently pulled from “The NDP.”

As if to make it worse, today they had the socialist NDP leader Tom Mulcair on it, touting his promised $5-BILLION per year (but it’s a government program, so please excuse the tripling or quintupling of the estimate) state-run, taxpayer-funded universal child day care social program. The audience clapped wildly for it all.

Later, we saw this all taking place behind a randomly-placed sign reading “I love you.” At which point we barfed.


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