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Expert voter: So government can do it; yet they’re demonstrably useless

This one wins for being, well, let’s say “conflicted.”

After going on about the upcoming (November 15) civic elections in his home town, a former mayor of the said town concludes his op-ed in the local paper with this good/not-good brain-fart:

One way to increase voter turnout is to allow ballots to be cast online, from the comfort of home or office. Surely Elections Canada can design a safe, secure system.

Speaking of security, Canada Post recently left our neighbourhood feeling insecure. The neighbourhood post box was left unlocked following a delivery and 15 boxes containing mail were left unsecured for five days despite numerous phone calls to Canada Post. “Sorry for the inconvenience,” was the only official response following a routine lock up.

Yeah. Even though the government can’t even deliver the mail properly (or do utterly anything else right – examples abound), “surely” the government can devise and run “a safe, secure system” to elect our government.

We could sneer at the writer with the snarky bromide “these people are allowed to vote!” But this one’s actually a former mayor. Yeesh.

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