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Golly! Ya think folks in BC will be grown-up by then, big Lib government?

Surely, dear overlords in Big Liberal Government,  the stupid little taxpaying people outside of Big Liberal Government are too childish and irresponsible to handle their beer and wine when bought from private grocery stores (under new, severe government restrictions), as opposed to buying it from the (still-competing) state-owned, state-run union shops, no?! Especially those unsophisticated hicks in the country, am I right liberals? Here’s hoping they mature enough and learn their manners by April 1, 2015! Otherwise you’ll have to crack the whip on them and take their rights away from them again, on account of them being so stupid!

Vancouver_Sun-2010-12-15_105627Sun-2014-11-19_155600 And then there’s the media, who are so drunk already, that they can’t even get their grammar right. Look:



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