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Harper: the “international jihadist movement” has declared war on Canada and its allies

While beclowned Liberal Justin Trudeau studies the “root causes” of the Paris Islamist terrorist attack, and how those terrorists became so sad and “excluded,” and frets about how Prime Minister Harper is “promoting Islamophobia,” Harper says his government plans to bring in new legislation to give security agencies more powers to help prevent terrorist attacks.

…We are looking at additional powers to make sure that our security agencies have the range of tools available to them to identify potential terror threats and to … [undertake] detentions and arrests and other actions where necessary…

Trudeau believes “engaging” Muslims – with friendship and chats over tea and buns – is the answer. The tea and bun set has, of course, been wrong for decades. Over those decades, they still haven’t figured out the “root causes” of the Islamo-fascist. This is exactly as the Islamo-fascists had hoped.

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