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How progressives wreck society: take Quebec (no really, take it)

Quebec is in deep, deep financial trouble. Getting deeper by the second. It is and has for a long, long time, been led by progressives – variously named.

Highlighted in yellow are words and terms and phrases which belong in the dictionary definition of “progressive” – which you’ll be forgiven for likening to “socialism,” or for taking it to its logical conclusion: “serfdom.”

Lysiane Gagnon:

Quebec eyes its public-sector mammoth

… In Quebec, where bureaucratic inflation and the people’s resistance to change bear so much resemblance to France, Premier Philippe Couillard’s government is tackling an even larger creature: his entire provincial public sector, the largest in Canada. This creature was born in the wake of the Quiet Revolution and grew exponentially, as successive governments benevolently fed the monster under the threat of social unrest raised by aggressive labour unions, which had the power to close schools and hospitals to obtain more money for their members and enlarge their turf.

Considering the province’s staggering debt, its aging population and the fact that Quebeckers are the most taxed citizens in North America, all governments since the mid-1990s have felt the need to streamline the bureaucracy, although none could really accomplish it.

…The government wants to reduce the public administration’s budget by $3.2-billion …

(No, they don’t.)

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