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Lib media reports a new lib enviro report. Calls for taxes. Shocka.

First the liberals’ Globe and Mail division parrots a line in a politically-charged group’s report, in their headline, calling for a new national tax on top of provincial taxes, which the report authors also call for.

B.C. carbon tax an effective model for national climate change approach: report

This yummy new tax that they clearly espouse, is necessary according to “report” – a word which liberal media often add to their headlines to imbibe an air of authority and hopefully cause a giant tingle up our legs; and hope that it makes us respect their opinion – their agenda – more.

We don’t.

But then they report that the “report” was written by the political left-wing enviro-industry activist group, the David Suzuki Foundation. Credibility: laughed away.

And we’re off to the next agenda-driven “news” story.

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