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Looking for a design do-over

Our original design for NewsQuips was cool. A table with three columns and as many rows as we thought we needed to present a whole bunch of short news quips, right on your face, without even trying, daily. You could see several news(quips) items all at once, and some were strategically grouped together to add emphasis – or our bent – to an ongoing news drama.

But that didn’t work well in mobile phones – not even big ones – because they can’t present big tables, and all the stuff we put in them, very well, at all.

So we changed to the more familiar and now, frankly, all-too-ubiquitous blogging format, which presents very well in mobiles. But we find that it practically forces a writer to write more than a mere quip, resulting in many posts which are simply another blog post instead of the short, smart (or smart-ass) quip format that we had in mind.

In a word, this it’s not now what we had in mind when we started.  The whole look and feel is not right.

So we’re asking for a do-over. But these things take time. We’ll try to continue to make quips here while we work on the do-over, but check for more, for now, please.


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