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NewsQuips for a baseless union employee lawsuit against CBC day

NQ-Aguafina-small The insufferable bore Jian Ghomeshi is just another public-sector union member. (We’ll spare you yet another of what the liberal media apparently thinks is a mandatory accompanying glam shot photo of His High LIberal Boreness – the huger the better, apparently). The CBC state laborers’ union, or whatever their union is called, protects him and his employment as a state-entertainer hired for our official state amusement purposes. But the way the law works, union members cannot directly sue their employer, as Ghomeshi has comedically done. As this G&M article explains, and as this BNN interview explains, it will not even be entertained by the courts.

ADDENDUM: While writing this, we had no idea a giant photo of the Giant Left-Wing Bore would appear on the video still. Our apologies.

NQ-Aguafina-smallIn direct relation to the above Quip, we present this tweet from yesterday:


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