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NewsQuips for The Government.


…Because some days it seems like working for The Government is what they really want us to do. 

NQ-Aguafina-smallThe state-owned Karl_Marx-color-smallCBC has very excitedly announced today that it has won the bidding war for the 2018 and 202 Goverment Games. They waged this big-multi-million-dollar bidding war using our tax dollars, against their foe – private citizens and their broadcasting companies, so that they, the state-owned CBC, could earn revenue instead of allowing their foes – the private citizen-owned broadcasters – to earn those revenues.  And because they think that only they – the state-owned media – could possibly broadcast some sports. The only thing that could make this whole hideous government-controlled behemoth more socialist – is if all the athletes were being subsidized by governments. Oh hang on.


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