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Obama promises to reduce noxious gas emissions – yours, not his.

Lacking science and logic and even a smidgen of common sense, Barack Obama made an “announcement” of a climate, well, chit-chat, between China and the U.S.

Well naturally, all the obsequious Obama acolytes, like the Canadian news media, then lapped it up and gargled with it, had a smoke, and then rushed to press with their admonitions about that dirty Harper, and that filthy Conservative Party, and their true lack of understanding about sciency things that sound cool ‘n stuff.

The media has never sounded so collectively idiotic. Mercifully, there are exceptions.

Terence Corcoran: The really big carbon deal that isn’t

The China-U.S. carbon deal is a really big deal, apparently. And Canada had better wake up, they say. “It puts real pressure on Canada to up its climate game,” said David McLaughlin, former chair of Ottawa’s Round Table on the Environment and Economy.

That might be true if a) the really big carbon deal were actually a deal and b) if it made sense economically and environmentally for Canada to rush to join U.S. President Obama in a bizarre public agreement “to make America less competitive,” as the Wall Street Journal put it.

First, though, regarding point a), there is no real deal or agreement or even a weak commitment. It was called a “joint announcement” when released on Wednesday. In it, the two countries say they separately “intend” to “achieve” certain national goals. In China’s case, the wording is that of a child looking at a cookie jar he may or may no raid. “China intends to achieve the peaking of CO2 emissions around 2030 and to make best efforts to peak early.” Whatever that means. …


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