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Warren Kinsella mulls bid for Trudeau’s Liberals

Backroom veteran Warren Kinsella mulls bid for Trudeau’s Liberals

Hooboy. We say let ‘er rip, Kinsella!

This would be fun if only for the most excellent research that will turn up by thousands of conservative bloggers and forum participants who have felt the wrath of Warren Kinsella; and especially from the dozens (?) of conservative bloggers and journalists he’s publicly lambasted, become sworn enemies of, and threatened to sue over the years. (We may be among the few he hasn’t bothered with). The internet lasts forever. And so do a lot of grudges.

We fully encourage him to run.
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Golly! Ya think folks in BC will be grown-up by then, big Lib government?

Surely, dear overlords in Big Liberal Government,  the stupid little taxpaying people outside of Big Liberal Government are too childish and irresponsible to handle their beer and wine when bought from private grocery stores (under new, severe government restrictions), as opposed to buying it from the (still-competing) state-owned, state-run union shops, no?! Especially those unsophisticated hicks in the country, am I right liberals? Here’s hoping they mature enough and learn their manners by April 1, 2015! Otherwise you’ll have to crack the whip on them and take their rights away from them again, on account of them being so stupid!

Vancouver_Sun-2010-12-15_105627Sun-2014-11-19_155600 And then there’s the media, who are so drunk already, that they can’t even get their grammar right. Look:



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Yikes: Liberal Hollywood and huge Obama supporters Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s kids

We know raising kids is hard. And if parents just give up, that’s totes cool.

Sorry. What we meant to say was, these parents are horrible parents.

Scientologist Obama Donor Will Smith Did a Number on His Two Kids

Obama donor and Scientologist Will Smith has raised two completely bizarre children, according to a recent interview Jaden and Willow did with T magazine.

… The Smiths probably shouldn’t be Obama’s go to couple for advice on education reform. Jaden and Willow don’t believe in school. Jaden reminded readers that people take driver’s ed classes, yet still get in accidents.

“You never learn anything in school,” explained Jaden. “Think about how many car accidents happen every day. Driver’s ed? What’s up? I still haven’t been to driver’s ed because if everybody I know has been in an accident, I can’t see how driver’s ed is really helping them out.”

The two teenagers are on the same page when it comes to schools.

“I went to school for one year,” Willow said.

… The two teenagers also claim that the “concept of time” doesn’t exist in the interview, with Willow stating that she actually has the ability to control time. …

Read the whole article. The liberals’ New York Times also picks it up, and seems to have a crush on them. And then there are the NYT commenters, many of whom seem to think these children of liberals are just perfect specimens, and a grand example for all of us to follow.

HATERS SHUT IT!!! These kids are smart. Period. I hollered when Willow expressed the absurdity of what passes for education in this country…children aren’t taught to think they’re taught how to regurgitate so-called ‘FACTS’ in order to pass tests. Depressed! Of course American students are that’s why there are so many of them shooting up their schools! Amen to WILLOW & JADEN. I am a FAN.

God help us.

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Canadian TV network CTV rates Obama’s Keystone comments “baloney”

Canadian TV network CTV rates Obama’s Keystone comments “a lot of baloney” (like the Washington Post’s 3 Pinocchios). This, despite the fact that Obama’s remarks are utter baloney.

Is Obama telling the truth about Canadian oil exports?

Apparent;y CTV has no clue about how to judge political comments. Using the far more accurate NewsQuips BS-o-Meter, one can easily see that Obama’s remarks are “Total BS.” Again, that’s “Total BS.”


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Obama promises to reduce noxious gas emissions – yours, not his.

Lacking science and logic and even a smidgen of common sense, Barack Obama made an “announcement” of a climate, well, chit-chat, between China and the U.S.

Well naturally, all the obsequious Obama acolytes, like the Canadian news media, then lapped it up and gargled with it, had a smoke, and then rushed to press with their admonitions about that dirty Harper, and that filthy Conservative Party, and their true lack of understanding about sciency things that sound cool ‘n stuff.

The media has never sounded so collectively idiotic. Mercifully, there are exceptions.

Terence Corcoran: The really big carbon deal that isn’t

The China-U.S. carbon deal is a really big deal, apparently. And Canada had better wake up, they say. “It puts real pressure on Canada to up its climate game,” said David McLaughlin, former chair of Ottawa’s Round Table on the Environment and Economy.

That might be true if a) the really big carbon deal were actually a deal and b) if it made sense economically and environmentally for Canada to rush to join U.S. President Obama in a bizarre public agreement “to make America less competitive,” as the Wall Street Journal put it.

First, though, regarding point a), there is no real deal or agreement or even a weak commitment. It was called a “joint announcement” when released on Wednesday. In it, the two countries say they separately “intend” to “achieve” certain national goals. In China’s case, the wording is that of a child looking at a cookie jar he may or may no raid. “China intends to achieve the peaking of CO2 emissions around 2030 and to make best efforts to peak early.” Whatever that means. …


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Merry Holidays! Let’s decorate!


Home Depot seems to think “Holidays” happen at the Home Depot warehouse. We’re dubious. We’ve never taken a holiday there.  Oh and also, nobody decorates with “holiday lighting” for “holidays.”  They might hang Christmas lights for Christmas, but they don’t hang “holiday lighting” for “holidays.”

We go through this every year with Home Depot. They throw a monkey wrench at Christmas and use the tortured “holiday” in its place, sometimes at great effort. And as always, we’re not sure of it’s because they hate Christians, Canada, or simply reality.

The Hudson’s Bay is the same. It’s “Holidays” over there at the Bay, where they bend over backward to avoid the word Christmas. We don’t recall seeing a “Holiday Decor” sales event during the summer holidays.

The Source electrified us with Christmas, with the tagline “I want that for Christmas” – not “I want that for ‘the Holidays’.”


Target is on target for atheists and anti-Canadians, we guess, since they use every word except Christmas. But we love it when they’re selling Christmas trees (fake, of course) and are forced to call it a “Christmas tree” – even though we’ve seen them described as “holiday trees.”


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The liberals’ Ottawa Citizen division frets that tax breaks will reduce surpluses


Falling oil prices and tax breaks will cut billions of dollars from federal surpluses

They say it like it’s a bad thing. But we see cutting the surplus with tax breaks as a positive thing, largely because it is.

But let’s face it: they have no interest in presenting an honest narrative. The state-owned CBC also reduces tax surpluses, but you never see the Ottawa Citizen lamenting that; quite the opposite.


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American: “Canada, our leader”

One American sees the positives of the Harper Conservative government. But we don’t think Stephen Harper has time to lead America at this time, even if there is a leadership vacuum there, currently.

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Canadian Tire says CHRISTMAS right.

Some stores seem to be run by grinches, or atheists, or something, and do everything they can to rename Christmas into “the holidays” or “the festive season” or the “happy tree festival.”

That’s why we’re glad to see some folks who appreciate our actual Canadian heritage and values, and call it Christmas.

Canadian_Tire-2014-11-07_171918On the naughty list so far: Lowes, which sends out its first Christmas flyer of the year with the banner “HoliDIY Season” – geddit? Holiday plus Do-It-Yourself.  Hey here’s an idea: how about  just “Christmas Season,” which, yeah, has really nothing whatsoever to do with do-it-yourself projects, but, you know, is what’s actually occurring here. Or is this really the “do-it-yourself” season of festive chores and not-so joyous laboring?



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Q. What about the “diversity?” A. Nah.

Given what you hear in the liberal media every day, all day, and what liberal Hollywood foists upon us, every day, all day, you’d think the regular person on the street would all be on board the diversity-luvin’ train, right?  Yeah, no.

Asked this question last week for the local paper, “Does Delta need more diversity on council?”, four out of five man-on-the-street people said “meh.” Here’s their actual responses:

  • I don’t think diversity should be a prerequisite.
  • I think we’re well represented. I guess if there was an interest they would run. If there was interest from other (cultural heritages) … they would put themselves out there. We have running who we have running.
  • As long as the traditional Canadian customs and cultures that have been set in stone for the last 200 years are not radically changed, then diversity is always welcome.
  • If you want to run, you run.

And one hold-out said:

I guess so. We need diversity to become one.

We still don’t know what that last one even means. Possibly she’s harkening back to America’s old motto (before it became “In God We Trust”), E Pluribus Unum, meaning “From Many, One,” and not understanding it, but thinking it sounds good and PC, and will yield a nice pat on the head or a cookie.


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Expert voter: So government can do it; yet they’re demonstrably useless

This one wins for being, well, let’s say “conflicted.”

After going on about the upcoming (November 15) civic elections in his home town, a former mayor of the said town concludes his op-ed in the local paper with this good/not-good brain-fart:

One way to increase voter turnout is to allow ballots to be cast online, from the comfort of home or office. Surely Elections Canada can design a safe, secure system.

Speaking of security, Canada Post recently left our neighbourhood feeling insecure. The neighbourhood post box was left unlocked following a delivery and 15 boxes containing mail were left unsecured for five days despite numerous phone calls to Canada Post. “Sorry for the inconvenience,” was the only official response following a routine lock up.

Yeah. Even though the government can’t even deliver the mail properly (or do utterly anything else right – examples abound), “surely” the government can devise and run “a safe, secure system” to elect our government.

We could sneer at the writer with the snarky bromide “these people are allowed to vote!” But this one’s actually a former mayor. Yeesh.

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CBC to do a 5-part Passionate Eye on themselves and their sex nuts

It seems the state-owned CBC actually viewed some videos, provided by and featuring the vile CBC’s even more vile Jian Ghomeshi, engaging in bondage or sadistic sex or whacking and choking women for sexual pleasure or whatever freakish thing he does.  Also, two women have actually come forward, to police, and reported the weirdo and the damage he allegedly did to them.

Toronto police launch investigation into Jian Ghomeshi allegations
Jian Ghomeshi showed CBC executives video that depicted him engaged in bondage, beating, sources tell the Star


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Man Oh Man. NewsQuips for Jane Taber’s Hideous Gaffe Day


NQ-Aguafina-smallA funny thing happened… no let me start again. An absolutely hilarious thing happened to another airy liberal media professional today, this time it’s Jane Tabor of liberalvision CTV, on her way to another day of professional liberal media reporting and liberal advocacy and liberal political correctness. Possibly not so funny for the woman at front right, Catherine McKenney.

Let’s spare a moment to imagine the liberal PC outrage industry’s reaction to that tweet if it were made by, oh, say, any conservative at all whatsoever.



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NewsQuips for a baseless union employee lawsuit against CBC day

NQ-Aguafina-small The insufferable bore Jian Ghomeshi is just another public-sector union member. (We’ll spare you yet another of what the liberal media apparently thinks is a mandatory accompanying glam shot photo of His High LIberal Boreness – the huger the better, apparently). The CBC state laborers’ union, or whatever their union is called, protects him and his employment as a state-entertainer hired for our official state amusement purposes. But the way the law works, union members cannot directly sue their employer, as Ghomeshi has comedically done. As this G&M article explains, and as this BNN interview explains, it will not even be entertained by the courts.

ADDENDUM: While writing this, we had no idea a giant photo of the Giant Left-Wing Bore would appear on the video still. Our apologies.

NQ-Aguafina-smallIn direct relation to the above Quip, we present this tweet from yesterday:


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NewsQuips for The Government.


…Because some days it seems like working for The Government is what they really want us to do. 

NQ-Aguafina-smallThe state-owned Karl_Marx-color-smallCBC has very excitedly announced today that it has won the bidding war for the 2018 and 202 Goverment Games. They waged this big-multi-million-dollar bidding war using our tax dollars, against their foe – private citizens and their broadcasting companies, so that they, the state-owned CBC, could earn revenue instead of allowing their foes – the private citizen-owned broadcasters – to earn those revenues.  And because they think that only they – the state-owned media – could possibly broadcast some sports. The only thing that could make this whole hideous government-controlled behemoth more socialist – is if all the athletes were being subsidized by governments. Oh hang on.


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NewsQuips for CBC bondage day Monday

NQ-Aguafina-smallTorStar-2014-10-27_072300Wow look at that! Front page, right under the election news. Those Toronto libs LOVE their CBC division, and when something goes wrong there, it’s big-ass news. The story’s the same at their National Post and Globe and Mail divisions. But not on the Edmonton Journal’s front page. Not on the Winnipeg Free Press’s front page.

It may be huge news in Toronto, where so many liberals just luv the state-owned CBC and all of its state entertainers (or maybe the libs just luv the bondage sex and dominance/submission sex and the sadochism/masochism sex and the stuff with whips and dog collars, and wut not), but in Vancouver and most other places, where nobody even knows who he is, the news was a small item on page 10. A total non-story. As one alleged near-victim calls him in a story about his smarmy dating moves, he’s barely “a C-list celebrity.” So this is really a story about how out of touch the Toronto-centric media is.


Carol Costello did not apologize, or resign, today. Many had expected her to. A Washington Post writer suggested it’s her only out. And yet, nothing.

Greyhound_NewsQuips     NewsQuips is NOT on the “she must apologize” bus. Oh she should be utterly ashamed of herself, without question. She should probably resign. But nobody can force somebody to feel apologetic. Nobody should be forced to say something they aren’t thinking or feeling. That’s fascist. Costello obviously couldn’t give a rat’s ass that she made a massive gaffe, and massively insulted and disrespected the Palins, and betrayed her hideous hypocrisy and double standards. She’s despicable, and that’s why she hasn’t apologized. And CNN is equally culpable, here.

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Wear red Friday NewsQuips

Yes it’s Friday. And it’s back to wearing red (again), as we honor the Canadian and American military forces fighting in Iraq and Syria against Islamist terrorists. We support the troops, and we support the mission. Every day.

NQ-Aguafina-smallgovernment_car_small-202x140Ford motor plant to NOT open in Ontario, after all. Why? Because even the idiotic government subsidies, which were already ridiculous in the first place, weren’t enough for Ford, and too many exacting demands were being made by Big Gov, and so Ford feels they may get a better corporate welfare deal in Mexico. Good riddance. Enjoy your enchiladas.

Taxpayers should never, ever subsidize business. Because it’s anti-free-market, and because that’s not capitalism, that’s something more akin to socialism or liberal fascism. (And by the way, socialists, it is even more egregious for government to be in business. competing against citizens. We’re looking at you, CBC and other socialism-reliant centers of idiocy.)


The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (where the “Alternative” they speak of is actually socialism, but they don’t have the balls to say it out loud) is touting a socialist “climate justice” propaganda for teachers to use in “their” classrooms, in our public schools, in a program designed by them and by the extreme left-wing militant BC teachers union. Seriously. Includes this message to be read out to our children:

…to redistribute ecological and economic wealth at national and local levels. … We do not face a technological challenge so much as a challenge of finding the political will to make change.


OK well yeah, CNN’s Carol Costello’s not going to quit in shame, because the liberal media has no shame. (And she didn’t even apologize on air, today. So. There’s that news shocka.

Here’s a poignant tweet captured earlier this morning:


New York City physician tests positive for Ebola
But don’t worry, this is not going to affect you. The government is going to save you. That’s what the government says. In fact the government said this wasn’t going to happen in the first place. So you might be dreaming. Perhaps you should also check in to a hospital for mental testing. Let’s go to Ann Coulter for a comment!

NQ-Aguafina-smallIslamic State militants used chlorine gas in Iraq attack
More chemical weapons in Iraq? Well that’s weird. Iraq HAS no weapons of mass destruction or “WMD.” I mean the lib media has been telling us that over, and over, and over again, since exactly March 20, 2003. Obviously an error in reporting.


So it turns out the nutbar who attacked some cops with a hatchet, in New York, yesterday, was, get this, hold on to something… a self-radicalized convert to Islam. Therefore, Obama will call it “work-place violence” on account of the cops being street cops. That’s not how New York reads it: Hatchet attack on N.Y. police a ‘terrorist attack,’ commissioner declares. Here’s a graphic of the ever-so normal misunderstood disadvantaged workplace violence guys’ Facebook page for some less than subtle clues:


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Thursday Post-Terror Attack Quips


@SooperMexican graphic

NQ-Aguafina-smallGreat catch by @SooperMexican aboot airy Liberal and Trudeau confidant Chrystia(?) Freeland:
Canadian politician says not to ‘SPECULATE’ aboot shooter’s motivations, but DEFENDS Islam on Twitter


NQ-Aguafina-smallWe won’t give you Gavin McInnes’s headline on this next one though. Oh WTF, yeah we will: FUCK YOUR JIHAD. Includes this paragraph:

Thank God I’m at Sun News and not wandering the halls of the CBC right now. Canada has a black belt in pacifism and is already coming up with excuses for these attacks. I worry this office in Toronto is the only sane place left in all of Canada.

Actually there’s only one other paragraph. And yet, point well made. Includes video.


NQ-Aguafina-smallHere’s one that’s not talked about in the media nearly as much as, say, any random absolutely horrible outrage  in which, say, a Conservative MP sent out a mothers day card which actually praised mothers: Winnipeg woman ‘in bewilderment’ at being charged with hiding dead infants. We’re not sure why they felt the need to mention “Winnipeg” in their headline, as if that matters, and as if we need help in sorting out the confusion over which killer of 6 babies they’re talking about, but not the word “SIX ” in front of the words “dead infants.”



Not sure if you’re following this bit of liberal media hypocrisy, bias, callousness, and bigotry, but apparently Carol Costello is now embarking on a one-stop apology tour. Follow along, won’t you? and



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Macleans writer Paul Wells tweets that Americans are “whack jobs”

Oh! oh! Wells for prime minister!

Macleans magazine (subsidized by taxpayer dollars!) may need to explain to Canadians whether they support this sentiment of their Paul Wells, their politics editor, after this, what… is it pedantic to call it hate speech? At a minimum, it’s xenophobic. It’s also kind of embarrassing.

4:48 PM PDT, October 22, 2014:

Here’s the link to the tweet. We included a screen capture instead, because we sort of hope he deletes his tweet.

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(Shock face) Suspect reportedly converted to Islam recently; on watchlist.


Is somebody dropping the ball here?

Two reports now indicate that (hold onto something) the Ottawa shooter, named Michael Zehef-Bibeau, was a recent convert to Islam.

Also, he was known to Canadian security authorities, who had revoked his passport.

This information matches almost identically with the information about the Islamist terrorist nutbar who ran over and killed a Canadian soldier, earlier this week.

So, we’re going to go ahead and presume that government security authorities are rounding up others who had their passports revoked for similar reasons.

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Looking for a design do-over

Our original design for NewsQuips was cool. A table with three columns and as many rows as we thought we needed to present a whole bunch of short news quips, right on your face, without even trying, daily. You could see several news(quips) items all at once, and some were strategically grouped together to add emphasis – or our bent – to an ongoing news drama.

But that didn’t work well in mobile phones – not even big ones – because they can’t present big tables, and all the stuff we put in them, very well, at all.

So we changed to the more familiar and now, frankly, all-too-ubiquitous blogging format, which presents very well in mobiles. But we find that it practically forces a writer to write more than a mere quip, resulting in many posts which are simply another blog post instead of the short, smart (or smart-ass) quip format that we had in mind.

In a word, this it’s not now what we had in mind when we started.  The whole look and feel is not right.

So we’re asking for a do-over. But these things take time. We’ll try to continue to make quips here while we work on the do-over, but check for more, for now, please.


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Saskatchewan no longer “Like a little bit of the Soviet Union right here in Canada!”

Saskatchewan.svgBack in the day, over at sister site PTBC, Saskatchewan earned the unfortunate moniker of “A little bit of the Soviet Union, right here in Canada,” on account of it being almost exactly like a little bit of the Soviet Union, right here in Canada.

It was the worst place to start a business outside of Manitoba or Cuba.

But today, it’s exactly not like that. On account of non-socialists leading the province for a change.

Its main cities being named among “the best places to start a business?” Wow. [See slightly wordier blog entry at PTBC]

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Chatelaine magazine is mocking itself with this spoof article on Trudeau, right?

No. This is how liberals think. They think everybody in the room agrees with them. That’s why they’re emboldened enough to tease their hideously idiotic puff-piece on Justin Trudeau with this liberal-leftist pro-abortion anti-woman bromide: “He’s pro-choice.” That’s supposed to be a universally-recognized “plus!” (And yet “family first”  – seems a tad incongruous). And headline it with “Is Justin Trudeau the candidate women have been waiting for?”

Dear God.


At least one columnist is not taking this bullcrap journalism sitting down. The fairly scathing column is headlined “Fluffy Justin Trudeau feature is an insult to serious women voters in Canada” and ends, “…it would also appear Trudeau fails to appreciate that women care about foreign policy, the economy, immigration, energy and good governance just like men — not pretty pictures splashed all over the pages of Chatelaine. I’m embarrassed for many Canadian women, and for Mr. Trudeau.” Written by Robyn Urback who is a woman who apparently engaged by, nor waiting for, Justin Trudeau – or at least isn’t any longer.

Urback tweeted this out as well:

Favorite columnist/blogger/tweeter JJ McCullough tweeted these gems:


Another Justin – one with brains – said this:


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