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Progressives are on the Marx! Sorry, the march! Promise practically “free” daycare, “free” pharma; what else?


…And here’s a gratuitous picture of  Tom Mulcair and Karl Marx.

They also alternately demand “free” university, “free” housing (even “freer” than “free”?) for the poor, “free” hot breakfast and “free” lunch programs at schools, and naturally, even more “free” “healthcare” and more “free” public schools and hey, also “free” heroin for the drug addicts, “free” cocain as well, and but of course “free” internet for all, and “free” banking too!

The above was not an exaggeration. Those things are all actively being pursued by some or all of the Left.

Today, the you’ve got to be kidding party‘s Tom Mulcair promises to give practically “free” child day care to parents instead of parents being responsible for paying for their own children’s day care. And at the same time, the liberals’ Globe and Mail division is promoting an online poll hyping the idea of “free” prescription drugs.

Mulcair pledges billions for affordable childcare program

… the federal share would reach $5-billion annually …

But don’t worry, big-ass government welfare programs ALWAYS stay exactly within budget, and NEVER cost four to nine times what they were intended. And no, there is no slippery slope potential here. Stop sounding like such a conservative!

And here’s the Globe and Mail’s poll, today, in which 75% of the country favors the Marxist option. Which is a credit to Canada’s state-owned, state-run public education system, which bred this far-left mentality.

So yeah, they’re on the Marx.


Vote liberal.

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