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Q. What about the “diversity?” A. Nah.

Given what you hear in the liberal media every day, all day, and what liberal Hollywood foists upon us, every day, all day, you’d think the regular person on the street would all be on board the diversity-luvin’ train, right?  Yeah, no.

Asked this question last week for the local paper, “Does Delta need more diversity on council?”, four out of five man-on-the-street people said “meh.” Here’s their actual responses:

  • I don’t think diversity should be a prerequisite.
  • I think we’re well represented. I guess if there was an interest they would run. If there was interest from other (cultural heritages) … they would put themselves out there. We have running who we have running.
  • As long as the traditional Canadian customs and cultures that have been set in stone for the last 200 years are not radically changed, then diversity is always welcome.
  • If you want to run, you run.

And one hold-out said:

I guess so. We need diversity to become one.

We still don’t know what that last one even means. Possibly she’s harkening back to America’s old motto (before it became “In God We Trust”), E Pluribus Unum, meaning “From Many, One,” and not understanding it, but thinking it sounds good and PC, and will yield a nice pat on the head or a cookie.


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