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Liberal Catfight

2016-06-17_085258In an article ironically (albeit unwittingly so) headlined “Dogfight,” the Liberals’ Globe and Mail division wrote up a piece today on the fiasco created by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals and their Globe and Mail division, surrounding the replacement of our aging F-18 fighter jets.

Justin Trudeau proclaimed a Liberal government would launch an “open and transparent competition to replace the CF-18 fighter aircraft.”

Four sentences later:

“Lockheed-Martin … first won a competition 15 years ago to produce the next-generation Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) for allies such as the United States, Britain and Canada.”

And here we thought the Liberals and the left generally were against free market competition. Seems they now love free markets so much that they want to keep having ’em!  Oh hang on…

…there are now those in the Liberal Party who argue that a competition would be a waste of time and that the best solution is simply to buy another aircraft: the [F-18] Super Hornet.

Yeah so it’s back on. Well at least they’re not egregiously divided or having a massive catfight or anything like that, which would totes be worth writing about under a huge headline like “CATFIGHT: Party Divided, In Total Ruins” if the story was about Conservatives instead. 300px-Snowbirds-orig

Hey if only the Liberals’ state-owned CBC or their Canada Post division could make jets! Then the libs would all be in the same canoe. Oh crap. I hope Mulcair and his You’ve Got To Be Kidding Party didn’t read that because they would literally be on it. People like me making dumb jokes like that is exactly how they get their ideas! It was just a joke, Tom! No seriously. Tom.

As if to further mock the Trudeau Liberals and further betray the fact that this F-35 cancelation/ competition/ non-competition/ decision-y thing is nothing more than another cynical liberal-left pure politics play, the news team even found a juicy quote from a Boeing exec. This is the company that makes the F-18:

Her remarks weren’t intended for a domestic audience, but Boeing executive vice-president Leanne Caret threw cold water on her Canadian team when she recently signalled that her company’s defence division was moving away from fighter jets.

“If I told you that I am and want to be a market leader in the fighter business, you all would tell me that I’m an idiot,” she said in an interview published in Aviation Week. “Let’s be real clear: We lost JSF.”

Wow. That wasn’t helpful at all. The Globe and Mail is clearly not playing for the team today with this one, and may just need a big federal subsidy or something equally liberal to get them back on the reservation.

In frustration, Canada’s new Minister of Liberal Defense said they are giving up completely, and simply reverting back to the Snowbirds for Canada’s defense needs. “They’re quiet, they’re quite pretty, and they look sort of feminine in the sky which is very 2016!” said the Minister. “Plus they are utterly incapable of actually hurting ISIS or any other threat that comes along, which fits perfectly with our long term strategy of sunny ways and not offending the tender sensibilities of Islamist terrorists.”

When asked to help rescue this story, the Prime Minister of Liberal remarked (possibly hoping to end the catfight peacefully), “The root cause of any combat mission is to secure an enhanced, balanced approach to this year,  2016. Islamophobia is rampant, as is the gender gap and additional elements. Snowbirds can fly upside down as well as right side up, which is a balanced approach. Merci.”

Vote liberal.

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CBC promotes “Dreamy Trudeau.” (Seriously). But don’t worry, they’re not biased.

There might be a million photos of Donald Trump. But when you as an employee of a news agency take the time to find and then settle on the photo below to attach to your latest sneering tweet about Donald Trump; for you as a “professional” to abandon any semblance of journalistic neutrality and choose instead to demonstrate your hate in as public a way as humanly possible… you could only have a job at the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC.


Apparently job security is not an issue for the clearly anti-Trump (etc) employees of the state-owned CBC. Any remaining pretense of neutrality is now apparently completely out the window thanks to their Liberal Party victory. It seems demonstrating their anti-conservative, pro-liberal bias is now more an editorial policy, if anything.

That journalistic malfeasance is from the news agency that avoids the use of the term “Islamic terrorist” because it might be seen as “taking sides,” and says “holidays” instead of “Christmas” to avoid “offending someone.”

Let’s compare that to how they carefully chose an ever so neutral picture of their true love, also from today. It has almost exactly the same editorial tone as the Trump one above:



I must be dreaming.  I have no words.

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