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Hey does that Kool-Aid taste, Preston Manning?

Kool-Aid, the capitalist idea which generations of children were weaned on (and who then turned out just fine), has proven to be quite a “sustainable” elixir. They still sell it today, and even the adults – well some of them – are still tossing it back. Too bad it, like capitalism itself, has gotten such a bad rap as a result of what we derisively call “Kool-Aid drinkers,” today. Because both are good ideas.

Peter Foster: Preston Manning’s carbon con job

It sounds so simple. “We” need a fiscal system that produces more of what we want – good, clean jobs — and less of what we don’t want, which is “pollution.” Let’s call it an “ecofiscal” approach. Since CO2 emissions are clearly threatening the planet, we need a carbon tax. But since taxes have such a bad name, why not change the name to a carbon “levy”? That’ll fool ‘em. This levy will provide the spur to – What should we call it? a Green Shift? Maybe not. But anyway to an undoubtedly brighter, more moral future of “restrained appetites.”

Such is the proposal being peddled by former Reform party leader Preston Manning. Mr. Manning, who heads the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, is also an advisor to the new, self-appointed Canadian Ecofiscal Commission, which aspires – like a cloister full of medieval scholastics – to set a “just price” for industrial emissions and thus fine tune a woefully inadequate market(ish) economy. …

…CO2 is not a ‘pollutant,’ except to those who have drunk of the catastrophic climate Koolaid …

Don’t worry, there are left-wing movements all over the place trying to ban the likes of Kool-Aid too. For example, in New York City.


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