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Alberta and Saskatchewan the new cool spots for young workers

Alberta has long been a hotspot for jobs, but It wasn’t that long ago that Saskatchewan was a place most people left – to find work – rather than a place people move to from all over Canada and the world to get good jobs. Things sure have changed there.

Alberta and Saskatchewan offer more opportunity for young Canadians than Ontario and Quebec

CALGARY—Alberta and Saskatchewan offer the most opportunity for young Canadians while Ontario and Quebec mimic the economic malaise of Atlantic Canada, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

“Western Canada is the land of opportunity while Ontario and Quebec, the two most populous provinces, now resemble Atlantic Canada with its gloomy economic outlook and relatively poor prospects for young people,” said Mark Milke, study author and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute.

The study, Go West, Young Adults: The 10-Year Western Boom in Investment, Jobs and Incomes, compares all 10 provinces based on several economic indicators including employment rates, income levels, private sector investment and population patterns to determine the levels of opportunity (including employment and the prospects for at least a middle-class income) for young adults. …

Now if that “man-made global warming” ever kicks in, the climate will be nicer there too!

Meanwhile… here’s how liberals think (and fail):

Ontario, Quebec to craft united stand on Energy East pipeline project

Maybe Alberta and Saskatchewan should ban cars made in Ontario and planes made in Quebec, you know, on account of the pollution and greenhouse gasses they emit in amounts multitudes higher than any oil and gas drilling.

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Saskatchewan no longer “Like a little bit of the Soviet Union right here in Canada!”

Saskatchewan.svgBack in the day, over at sister site PTBC, Saskatchewan earned the unfortunate moniker of “A little bit of the Soviet Union, right here in Canada,” on account of it being almost exactly like a little bit of the Soviet Union, right here in Canada.

It was the worst place to start a business outside of Manitoba or Cuba.

But today, it’s exactly not like that. On account of non-socialists leading the province for a change.

Its main cities being named among “the best places to start a business?” Wow. [See slightly wordier blog entry at PTBC]

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