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Sun News Network to be sold? Said to be in talks with TV mogul

According to reporting by the liberals’ Globe and Mail division, media entrepreneur Moses Znaimer is said to be in talk to buy Sun TV from Quebecor.

Media mogul Moses Znaimer in talks to buy Sun News Network

The G&M was quick to point out, possibly quite gleefully but definitely with some level of snark, that “the price of the purchase would be low.”

Znaimer created CITY TV, and currently owns ZoomerMedia, which owns a stable of stations, some of which are Christian or religious based, like HopeTV and VisionTV, but it also owns One: Body, Mind and Spirit, and JoyTV, as well as the Classical 96.3 FM radio station, and other media assets.

No word on whether he would continue the fresh niche that Sun News alone enjoys, wherein they tolerate conservative viewpoints and thinking, and openly allow conservatives to say things  live on air, without snickering or rolling their eyes or haranguing them; and where they don’t hesitate to take on liberal and other leftist totems like the state-owned CBC, and Liberal Party leaders.

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