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Happy Thanksgiving, and here’s a little history

imageAs I do almost every year in one space or another, I like to remind Canadians (and our Americans friends too) that in Canada, Thanksgiving is actually a Godly celebration for the express purpose of, yes, thanking God (or “almighty God”, as it is specifically stated in Canada’s Thanksgiving Proclamation). As we know, liberals are against that.

Yes that’s right, Thanksgiving is a national, Godly holiday in Canada by official parliamentary proclamation back in the 1950’s and earlier, actually.

The factual  background on Canada’s Thanksgiving as it pertains to its official designation in Canada is this: On January 31, 1957, Parliament (that’s the state!) issued a proclamation with that wording to permanently fix the second Monday in October as Thanksgiving… in order for the nation to thank Almighty God. In Canada, officially speaking, and by official proclamation in Canada’s Parliament (that’s the state!) Thanksgiving is:

“A day of general Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the
bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.”

Church and state.  In Canada.  Oh my God   my heavens my word.  The end is nigh.  Wake the kids and call the dog.  Head for the hills.  Soon we’ll be a theocracy just like Iran.  Oh the humanity… and the “secular humanist” religion.  Etc. Etc. Well that was back in 1957. And we’re still not Iran.

Politics aside, happy Thanksgiving, Canada.

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