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The Anti-Harper CTV Fakes Out Its Readers

Oh yeah. To give Canada’s liberal-left voters still more fake ammunition to sneer at Stephen Harper, whom they clearly hate even more than conservative women. This nasty-ass spiking of the political ball knows no end.

While the liberals’ Globe and Mail division went with the reasonable “Harper accepts Liberal invitation to fly home on luxury jet“, their National Post division went with the wordy “Harper flew home in style: Thanks to Liberal offer, ex-PM was able to take government jet for return to Calgary“.  The fact is, as the headlines indicate, the Liberals extended an invitation to use the jet to fly home. Note the words “accept” and “Liberal offer.” (We’d have thought any former PM would be afforded that jet automatically, just to maintain the dignity of the office and for obvious CTV-Libs_ALLOW-Harper_to_use_jet-2015-11-09security needs.)

But their liberal-luvin’ CTV division just flat-out lied in their headline. “Liberals allow Stephen Harper to use Challenger jet to fly home“.

“Allow?” They “allowed” him to do that? So like Harper asked – or even better, he stomped his feet like a big Conservative loser baby and he demanded the use of the jet – and they thus “allowed” it against their will simply to placate him?


You can’t trust a media with an agenda.

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