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The E.U. has rightly dropped its phony “dirty oil” label for Canada’s oilsands oil, but that doesn’t stop liberalvision CTV…



Liberalvision CTV and their anchor Marcia MacMillan go ahead and report on the story today purposely using the even more phony label, CTV-dirty-reporting-capture_20141007_084058(360crop)“tar sands,” to describe the oil sands. 

The term “tar sands, like “dirty oil,” is well-known (amongst the those of us who get their news from non-CTV sources, obviously) to be a creation of left-wing extremists and anti-oil zealots, and their left-wing lobby groups, largely funded by anti-oil Americans, who literally dreamt-up the terms to mass-market their hate-on for the Canadian oil industry. 

“Tar sands” is well known, certainly in the news reporting business, to be a negative,CTV_News.ca_logo tendentious, politically-charged label which is used only by leftists and anti-oil zealots and radicals. The proper, non-political term to describe the oil is oil sands

Aside from somebody – presumably another left-winger at CTV – ensuring that the word “TAR SANDS” appeared in big letters on their chiron, MacMillan joined in referring to the oil sands as “tar sands” twice, in her awful, deceptive reporting:

“The European Union has dropped plans to label TAR SANDS crude as ‘dirty oil’ … the process of extracting oil from the TAR SANDS…”

That’s some great reporting, CTV, and MacMillan. Again. 

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