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Thursday Post-Terror Attack Quips


@SooperMexican graphic

NQ-Aguafina-smallGreat catch by @SooperMexican aboot airy Liberal and Trudeau confidant Chrystia(?) Freeland:
Canadian politician says not to ‘SPECULATE’ aboot shooter’s motivations, but DEFENDS Islam on Twitter


NQ-Aguafina-smallWe won’t give you Gavin McInnes’s headline on this next one though. Oh WTF, yeah we will: FUCK YOUR JIHAD. Includes this paragraph:

Thank God I’m at Sun News and not wandering the halls of the CBC right now. Canada has a black belt in pacifism and is already coming up with excuses for these attacks. I worry this office in Toronto is the only sane place left in all of Canada.

Actually there’s only one other paragraph. And yet, point well made. Includes video.


NQ-Aguafina-smallHere’s one that’s not talked about in the media nearly as much as, say, any random absolutely horrible outrage  in which, say, a Conservative MP sent out a mothers day card which actually praised mothers: Winnipeg woman ‘in bewilderment’ at being charged with hiding dead infants. We’re not sure why they felt the need to mention “Winnipeg” in their headline, as if that matters, and as if we need help in sorting out the confusion over which killer of 6 babies they’re talking about, but not the word “SIX ” in front of the words “dead infants.”



Not sure if you’re following this bit of liberal media hypocrisy, bias, callousness, and bigotry, but apparently Carol Costello is now embarking on a one-stop apology tour. Follow along, won’t you? and



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