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Wear red Friday NewsQuips

Yes it’s Friday. And it’s back to wearing red (again), as we honor the Canadian and American military forces fighting in Iraq and Syria against Islamist terrorists. We support the troops, and we support the mission. Every day.

NQ-Aguafina-smallgovernment_car_small-202x140Ford motor plant to NOT open in Ontario, after all. Why? Because even the idiotic government subsidies, which were already ridiculous in the first place, weren’t enough for Ford, and too many exacting demands were being made by Big Gov, and so Ford feels they may get a better corporate welfare deal in Mexico. Good riddance. Enjoy your enchiladas.

Taxpayers should never, ever subsidize business. Because it’s anti-free-market, and because that’s not capitalism, that’s something more akin to socialism or liberal fascism. (And by the way, socialists, it is even more egregious for government to be in business. competing against citizens. We’re looking at you, CBC and other socialism-reliant centers of idiocy.)


The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (where the “Alternative” they speak of is actually socialism, but they don’t have the balls to say it out loud) is touting a socialist “climate justice” propaganda for teachers to use in “their” classrooms, in our public schools, in a program designed by them and by the extreme left-wing militant BC teachers union. Seriously. Includes this message to be read out to our children:

…to redistribute ecological and economic wealth at national and local levels. … We do not face a technological challenge so much as a challenge of finding the political will to make change.


OK well yeah, CNN’s Carol Costello’s not going to quit in shame, because the liberal media has no shame. (And she didn’t even apologize on air, today. So. There’s that news shocka.

Here’s a poignant tweet captured earlier this morning:


New York City physician tests positive for Ebola
But don’t worry, this is not going to affect you. The government is going to save you. That’s what the government says. In fact the government said this wasn’t going to happen in the first place. So you might be dreaming. Perhaps you should also check in to a hospital for mental testing. Let’s go to Ann Coulter for a comment!

NQ-Aguafina-smallIslamic State militants used chlorine gas in Iraq attack
More chemical weapons in Iraq? Well that’s weird. Iraq HAS no weapons of mass destruction or “WMD.” I mean the lib media has been telling us that over, and over, and over again, since exactly March 20, 2003. Obviously an error in reporting.


So it turns out the nutbar who attacked some cops with a hatchet, in New York, yesterday, was, get this, hold on to something… a self-radicalized convert to Islam. Therefore, Obama will call it “work-place violence” on account of the cops being street cops. That’s not how New York reads it: Hatchet attack on N.Y. police a ‘terrorist attack,’ commissioner declares. Here’s a graphic of the ever-so normal misunderstood disadvantaged workplace violence guys’ Facebook page for some less than subtle clues:


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