We killed our Google Ad. They do not deserve us.

Hey! Where’s everything?

You have a right to know. Or at least a desire.


nothing yet


You’re quite right to ask where everything from this website went to. But don’t go askin’ a bunch of questions about that gal and where her stuff is. She’s hiding her stuff. We simply archived ours.

Thing is, things are gonna change around here, because, well, just because. Kinda like how that gal ought to change into, well, something. Anything. For us, it’s mostly because we didn’t like our old ways, and sometimes it’s nice to just start all over. Kind of like a new day. You know, when you get dressed.

Get it? YES! we hear you scream. We knew you would. But if you actually don’t quite get it because you’re stupid, you can write us. Particularly write us if you think you’re funny and could contribute hilarious headlines and graphics and (fake but based on reality!) story ideas about the daily news. For no money. Just for fun.

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