QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC—Newsquips has verified a report out of Liberal Party headquarters which seems to indicate an impending new “national symbol” for Canada.

Canada’s symbol, long known as the beaver, will be replaced, our sources indicate.

The symbol is patterned on millenials and teen-age girls’ now ubiquitous forming of one’s hands into a heart-shaped configuration whenever one is found in front of a camera or audience of any kind for any reason at any occassion whatsoever. The Liberal prime minister is said to be ready to officially adopt it as Canada’s official symbol, along with a hashtag promotion using the #MeeTooIHeartU hashtag.

Justin Trudeau has himself been fond of flashing the heart symbol whenever he is getting his photo taken by press acolytes, or during one of his selfie sessions.

The New York Times explains in a now-seven-year-old 2011 article,

The “hand heart,” as it is known, has been flashed by young stars galore, including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Victoria Justice, Blake Lively, Jordin Sparks and an “American Idol” contestant vying for votes.

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Steven Tyler, Jennie Garth, Wynonna Judd, Channing Tatum, Usher, Kylie Minogue and Janet Jackson have all been photographed making the gesture.

The New York Times goes on to ask,

But will it become as universally recognizable as, say, the peace sign? Patti Wood, a media coach and the author of “Success Signals: Understanding Body Language,” called the hand heart a “trendy thing,” likening it to when in years past celebrities like Goldie Hawn would make the hands-in-prayer namaste gesture.

Trudeau had himself taken the “namaste” gesture approximately 397 times during his recent trip to India, which was roundly mocked.