CALGARY, ALBERTA—Aides close to Prime Minister Trudeau have revealed to Newsquips that the prime minister will adopt a new “gun-totin’ oil cowboy” look, hoping to appear “more like an oil-lover than a green lover, for at least the next couple of weeks.”

“Whatever, he’s a lover, right,” said or asked one Trudeau spokeswoman.

Trudeau is known to “culturally identify” and attempt to “culturally integrate” with those whom he is trying to appease, by wearing what he thinks is the culturally sensitive costume — as he did during his trip to India during which he dressed-up how he imagined “the Indians” dressed-up.

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Trudeau has been in the midst of talks with two far-left NDP premiers in Canada’s west — BC and Alberta. Alberta’s premier Rachel Notley is taking sides with a non-government-owned company which wants to develop an oil pipeline to Canada’s west coast. Notley’s stance is a distinct departure from NDP policy, which normally favors state-owned “enterprises” and abhors private corporations.

“Freedom and free enterprise is still allowed in Alberta until 2020,” Notley advised Newsquips, “and then we’ll see.” Notley has in fact offered to have her government buy the pipeline outright. “And we’ll buy BC too, if the feds kick in enough cash!”, she told Newsquips.

But BC’s NDP premier John Horgan told Newsquips the pipeline “is just another corporate ploy — it’s actually designed to dump oil directly into the Pacific Ocean in order to make the rich richer, and we are against that.”