LOS ANGELES, CA—After a disastrous, globally mocked trip to India, Canada’s prime namaste-er Justin Trudeau returned to Ottawa only to be scolded by Bill (“The Science Guy”) Nye — on an enviro beef, sources say.

The bow-tied Nye suggested during the enviro-discussion (reportedly lit-up by modern lighting and in a heated room) that Canada should stop using fossil fuels. Like right now.

Bill Nye lives in America.

Coincidentally, Trudeau is reported to have muffled all of Canada in a thick blanket of carbon taxes, in his own effort to end Canada.

Sources tell NewsQuips that the Prime Minister actually seemed to somewhat “man-up,” if only for a second, while he gently mansplained (gently, as Trudeau is adamantly opposed to all the “toxic masculinity”) some real-life people-science to “The Science Guy,” saying something like, “Yeah, namaste, Bill, we’re on that, but until we completely carpet Canada — sea to shining sea — with windmills, solar panels, and power-producing treadmills (for “the rich!”), we may need to continue using some oil products for a while.”

People with knowledge of the Trudeau feminist ideology suggested on background that if Nye were a woman, or at least identified as a woman, the reception to Nye’s idea might have been quite different.

As it was, Trudeau’s response to Nye was described by some with knowledge of the situation as “quite a violent microaggression,” coming as it did from a feminist leader political insiders call “quite girly.”

Apparently neither Trudeau nor any media in the room were the least bit interested in asking Nye how he propelled himself to Canada’s capital (from one of his two homes — the one in L.A. or the one thousands of miles away from that in New York) to heap his scorn.  Presumably he walked there on unpaved nature trails, but that information could not be confirmed by press time.