OTTAWA, ONTARIO—Aides to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have reported to Newsquips that they have spoken to the prime minister about his habit of wearing pajamas and “super snuggly slippers” during office hours.

“I enjoy, uh, and nice cup of, uh, uh, steaming hot cocoa after lunch, and again before my, uh, uh, uh, naptime,” Trudeau is reported to have explained to our source, who wished to remain anonymous. “And wearing my comfy PJs is how I feel most comfortable,” he added.

Asked if he wore his pajamas to official meeting held in the prime minister’s wood-lined office, our source told us that he has been advised against it, but does on occasion nonetheless.

“Meetings with Europeans, who are more progressive in this area, are pajama-time for Justin,” we were told.

“Americans tend to be formal and prefer actual pants, a shirt, and grown-up-style footwear” said our source. “So we do try to get him to put his pants on prior to any meetings with, say, a South Carolinian trade union boss or a corporate leader from Colorado.”

Asked about the design of his pajamas, we were told that they are embossed with “inexplicable gobbledygook.”