Marlene, owner of Marlene’s Eatery, is fed up

CLEVELAND, OHIO—Citing a record 85,000 comment cards being submitted to restaurants from around North America, restaurant and cafe owners have finally begun asking their wait staff to stop asking customers, “Can I grab you some coffee,” or any number of similarly annoying “grab”-based questions.

“Can I grab you some ketchup, can I grab you a menu, can I grab you some freshly ground pepper… it’s become so annoying even I avoid eating out at my own restaurant now,” one enraged restaurant owner to us.

“It’s our biggest complaint-getter since staff repeatedly said everything was ‘awesome’,” another testy restaurant owner told Newsquips. “They used to frickin’ say ‘awesome’ after you ordered the chicken,” according to the source, a Plenty-‘O-Food Restaurant franchisee. She added, “Some of my staff now ask, ‘Can I grab you some desert?’ and then when the customer says ‘no thank you,’ the waitress says ‘awesome’ and asks if she ‘can grab the check’. It’s not awesome.”

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Some 54 restaurant owners contacted by Newsquips have told us they plan to sell their restaurants because they can no longer stand hearing it any longer.

A poll conducted by Newsquips indicates the majority of respondents agree (see results).

Are you tired of “Can I grab you…?”

Yes I stopped eating out after the “awesome” fiasco
No they can grab anything they want
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